Rosen Green Meetings® are events which are conducted in specific ways that help reduce the environmental burdens imposed by such activities. Rosen Hotels & Resorts have applied environmentally friendly methods to manage waste, energy use, water conservation, paper reduction, clean air practice maintenance.

Green events and convention planning are now an established trend within the United States meeting and convention industry. Rosen Hotels & Resorts is proud to promote green meetings, conferences, convention planning and green hotels as the demand and importance for sustainability measures increases.

Green conventions, meetings, conferencing, hotels and events are part of an international movement to achieve a sustainable world economy and livable planet.

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What are Rosen Green Meetings®?

Harris Rosen Green Lodging Quote:

We take environmental responsibilities to heart. We made it a point in the design phase of Rosen Shingle Creek to conserve water and energy and reduce waste as much as possible, and as a result, we save valuable resources,” said Harris Rosen, President/COO, Rosen Hotels & Resorts. Guests may never notice the small changes we’ve made to help save our planet, but we do them because it’s simply the right thing to do. Those guests who do take note applaud our efforts because they too, are socially responsible citizens who are concerned about the effects man has on his environment.

Rosen Shingle Creek, Rosen Centre, and Rosen Plaza have the Florida Green Lodge Certification

What does this mean? What do we do as a facility to display our commitment to the Green Lodge Program?

Water Conservation Programs

  • We offer a towel reuse program in our guestrooms
  • We offer a linen reuse program in our guestrooms
  • We use only low flow faucets in our guestrooms
  • We use only low flow showerheads in our guestrooms
  • Our guestrooms are equipped with low flow toilets
  • We use only water efficient laundry machines

Energy Conservation Programs

  • We use only energy star rated equipment in our Kitchens and laundry facilities
  • We use programmable thermostats
  • We have sensor outdoor lighting (100%)
  • We use sensor lighting in the back of the building (30%)
  • We use high energy efficient lighting in our guest rooms (LED)
  • We have an energy management system in all guest rooms
  • Our programmable energy system allows us to schedule when temperature control units are turned on and off. They are programmed to come on 1 hour before the meeting starts, and go off 1 hour after meeting’s end
  • Lights are turned off after meetings are over and when the space is unoccupied
  • Converting public space lighting to LED

Waste Reduction

  • We recycle all newspapers and office paper, and cardboard on the property
  • We provide an opportunity for our guest to recycle aluminum and plastic - bins are available in vending rooms on each floor
  • We participate in reduced packaging programs
  • Recycling of all food waste for composting
  • Water dispensers are provided in the meeting rooms to save waste from plastic bottles
  • Recycling is also available to guests in the guestrooms

Clean Air Practices

  • We use only cleaning products that have earned the Green Seal. (All-Purpose, Glass Cleaners and Bathroom Cleaners)
  • We use environmentally preferable High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters
  • We clean all air handler units and coils at least annually and follow a preventative maintenance schedule and keep a record of these activities

Rosen Recycling Program

  • Company-wide – all pads and paper purchased for use by the Rosen Staff, will be recycled paper
  • Recycle containers are provided when requested
  • Banquet set-up teams recycle all items left on tables when readying rooms for our meeting guests
  • Any usable items left over from conventions, such as notebooks and binders are donated to local schools. For example: We recently donated over 100 boxes of note pads to Tangelo Park Elementary, a local underprivileged school, that were left by a previous convention
  • All used cooking oil is converted into bio-diesel fuel for golf maintenance equipment